#History #ShowerThoughts: Was #Charlemagne inspired by the islamic Caliphate in his coronation as emperor?

The traditional explanation is that #Charlemagne's empirial coronation was inspired by the Byzantine Empire and by a sort-of early Renaissance, rediscovering antiquity.

But what if the actual inspiration for the position of emperor was that of the Caliph
Three reasons:
1. The Francian empire had a lot more interaction with the caliphat than with Byzantinum. The Caliphat had conquered Spain, muslim pirates were raiding southern France and there continued to be the threat of a muslim invasion throughout his reign.
2. The emperor as a position united spiritual and secular power, something that both the Byzantine emperors and caliphs had, but was much more important for the caliph than the Byzantine emperor. The later had spiritual power by virtue of his worldly power, the former had worldly power by virtue of being the successor of the prophet.


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