Weekly Guild Reports

June 5. 2023 - Bookwyrm Proposal Accepted

Last week we gathered three proposals and held a vote between them.

The Bookwyrm Migration proposal has won the vote by a 4/5 majority on the first preference.

The form’s results have been published here.

Because this project will be contributing to the Bookwyrm project, we’ll be using the Anti-Capitalist License although the AGPL 3.0 License has won the second question.

What’s next?

We have forked Bookwyrm to our Codeberg organisation. If you send your Codeberg username on the Matrix, we’ll add you this organisation.

These are the current questions we need to answer to work on the Bookwyrm project:

  • Identify the structure of the codebase (where is the frontend, backend, database schema, etc.)? Collect the information about this in the wiki.
  • What data needs to be included in an account archive? See this issue
  • Reach out to the Bookwyrm project. Their Matrix room is this.
  • How do we set up a test environment? Who wants to set up a test environment? See discussion on Matrix
  • Should we use ActivityPub as the format for archives?

These are the current questions we need to answer in order to work on the Bookwyrm project.

Anyone should pick whichever question or task they most want to work and we’ll figure out what to do about those questions that nobody works on later on.

For quick communications, use the Matrix room.
If you have a large discussion on a technical topic, open an issue in the Codeberg repository.

See: socialcoding