Who am I?

I came to be a programmer in the course of working on several projects on my own and as a member of the student research center Hamburg. I've since contributed to a variety of free and open source projects, ranging from OrbitDB to Mastodon.

Today I'm a programmer, software developer of free and open source software, IT administrator for the same student research center and a freelance programmer.

I've been supporting Babka.social to maintain the Mastodon +Babka fork. As a part of this I've developed several patches to Mastodon, focusing on security vulnerabilities with and integration of OpenID Connect in Mastodon.

After travelling twice with Interrail from Vienna to Cordoba and from Copenhagen to Reggio di Calabria and spending a year working, I started studying history and informatics - my two most enduring interests - in October 2023 at the University of Hamburg.