Weekly Guild Reports

July 10. 2023 - Incremental advancements

What did we accomplish?

  • @dannymate makes progress on the Export PoC and made SubTasks generic #17
  • Deployment of Hugh’s #15 to facilitate further code reviews. There were group discussions around the export download mechanism, tarfile data inclusion and unit testing.

Our goals

  • This week, we should merge #15. There are a few conditions that need to meet for that:
    1. All code reviews need to resolved
    2. Several manual tests must have been completed, including:
      • A test that a no-op archive (exporting & importing into the same account) does not result in any change to the account (and does not throw an error)
      • A test that a full archive (export from an account with books, readthroughs, saved lists, follows, blocks, comments and reviews) to an empty account, recreates all of the archive (without error)
  • #17 should be rebased on #15 and deployed to test instances.
  • We should start developing unit tests for the behavior implemented by #15.

The development of the tar archive should be halted in favour of work on these goal this week, as the work on creating self-contained tar archives is very dependent on these above goals.

See: socialcoding