Idea: 100 days of Code Improvement

A little unoriginal idea for a Social Coding Event: 100days of social code improvement.

Two steps:

  1. Pick a small to medium size project in need of upgrading their code quality.
  2. read one of that project’s files/modules per day and see if you can make an improvement. Try to make a PR/MR/patch within the day.
  3. repeat step two for 100 days or until the project runs out of files to read
  4. (share your participation on the Fedi?)

Organizations TODO

  • create a list of potential projects (projects should have an active maintainer, willing to merge these kinds of patches)
  • create a hashtag
  • create an entry on the website with all suggested projects

Important: These projects are suggested, not required.

Potential projects (nothing final)

See: socialcoding