Weekly Guild Report for Sprint #2

2023-09-13: Announcement

Today the sprint officially starts. The announcement has been published on our brand new website and we, the editors, are looking forward to new members, new proposals and a new project.

Changes from last sprint:

More editors

Thanks to our new addition, @dannymate, there are now three editors. The editors can thus take on more organizational tasks this sprint than last.

Promise System

Every week we will now ask members to tell the editors, what tasks they want to try to complete in the week and check in with them at the end of the week to see how they have been progressing.

Weekly reports on Wednesday

The weekly reports will be published on Wednesday for this sprint. A week for guild purposes is now from Wednesday to Tuesday. This is so we don’t have a deadline every Monday and we can all enjoy our weekends a little more.

Always open

As there are now three editors, we want to devote more time to recruiting and coordinating members. This means that we will be always looking to integrate new members into an ongoing sprint.


As part of our strategy for recruiting new members, we have also started a Kbin Magazine to post about the current state of the Guild. We’ll post about ongoing challenges, updates and recruit new members there.

What’s next?

The proposal phase is going to continue until Wednesday 20th, when we’ll publish the next weekly report containing a description of all proposals made up to that point. All members who have signed up through our form up to that point will receive a link to vote on the proposals. The decision will be announced in an irregular weekly report and a blog post on the 22nd.

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