Unionize Free Software. Found Software Guilds

This thread has become too large and detailed for anyone to act on it.

Social Coding’s aim is a sustainable, mutually beneficial community for and of software developers, practicioners and dependents.

To ensure this aim this forum is insufficient. It requires action and the structure to enable this action.

I propose that this structure should be the FOSS guilds. Guild’s should have a set list of members, though only for making voting practical.

The guild members’ democratic decisions must be the basis for all actions taken by and on behalf of the guild.

Guild’s allow for the organization of labour (developing standards, that are actually followed, teaching principles and technology to improve members), the organization against exploitation (oppossing the abuse of projects, ethically and legally, promoting free software to capital and enterprise, not just as a ressource but as a community and developing projects and invention beyond the limits and necessities of profit that too often limit the ideas implemented in software development.) and thez benefit society by providing an alternative entry and forum for software development to capital controlled Big Tech and capital coopted open source software.

See: socialcoding