Weekly Guild Reports

June 12. 2023 - Code Review

This week we began reviewing the bookwyrm source code. The results of this review is being collected on our wiki in the form of an FAQ. Thanks Valery Briz, @tomat0 and @Ryuno-Ki for working on this.

@dannymate has created two ansible playbooks to setup an environment and a bookwyrm instance. These should make it easier to create test instances.

We also created and discussed several issues to organize our work.

What should be the goal of our work?

This has by now crystallized roughly three possible options for us:

  1. We can base our work on @hugh’s. This means we’ll use plain JSON in the archive, add the media in the form of a tar or zip to the archive, and create an activity
  2. We can follow Mastodon’s approach and use ActivityPub objects (actor, inbox, outbox, likes, followers, following) in the archive, together with media attachements. This would be a more limited archive, because not all bookwyrm activity is actually serialized as ActivityPub yet.
  3. We can make Bookwyrm Groups federated. This would allow groups to be included and permit Group membership across instances.

Which option do you prefer? All of these have, I think, roughly equal effort associated with them as far as I can tell from here now.

We have created this poll on the question.


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