Unionize Free Software. Found Software Guilds

I am committed to guilds.

I want to set up the first guild quickly. It only needs two steps:

  1. a member list
  2. a means to make democratic decisions

A first goal of the first guild should be the organization of labour by giving education, support and addressing the problems of the members.

I’d organize this first guild using a Codeberg Repo under the SocialCoding or Coders org. The repository contains these files:

  • Members
  • Decisions
  • Constitution

The members text file contains a list of all members.
Decisions is a folder of decisions as text files.
And constitution is a text file containing the fundamental rules of the guild.


Issues in this repo serve as the ground for discussions on the guild and guild activity.

Pull Requests

Pull Requests are proposed decisions, membership changes or vhanges to the constitution.

Pull request must be voted on prior to being accepted, if they affect decisions or the constitution. If a member is removed, this must also be voted on.

New members do not need to be voted in.

I’m unsure on how voting should take place. It could happen by way of reactions, comments or through a third-party app integrating into the Gitea API. The latter would be the long-term optimum and at first the use of reactions (thumps up, thumps down).

This structure is easy to understand and implement (especially for developers familiar with forges) and thus quite universal. Setting up another second guild is also made very easy with this model.

See: socialcoding