Weekly Guild Reports

August 14. 2023 -

What have we accomplished?

  • @dannymate fixed some issues casued by the merger for Celery tasks #27 and re-added Hugh’s fix for #25.
  • hugh fixed numerous bugs with #28 and is currently being tested for merge.

What’s next?

  • We’ll have a check-up meeting this week to conclude this sprint and discuss the organization of the next.
  • @dannymate and hugh work on making #28 stable and tested
  • Research the Django File Storage and FileField API and answer the questions:
    1. How can files be created using FileFields?
    2. Where can the FileField be stored?
    3. How can old archives be removed to clean-up disk space?
    4. How to generate a tar archive file using tarfile and a zip archive file using zipfile.
  • Implement self-contained archive as a tar or zip file

See: socialcoding